"I have known Bandura Nadia as a thoughtful pianist who combines her youthful virtuosity and organic and impressive interpretation of the great works of the piano literature." Marcello Abbado, composer, soloist and conductor in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, Director of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, President of juries of National and International Competitions.

Nadia Bandura made her debut at the age of ten performing Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto. Her concert activity as an international artist has taken her throughout music halls and locations in Europe including Roma, Milan, Cantu, Caltanissetta, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Dublin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Bergen, Lerwick, Jondal, Stockholm, Nice, Brussels, Vevey , Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, Lisbon, Vigo, Vilnius. Her stunning mastery of the piano gives her the freedom to express anything she wants with effortless grace and elegant touch. 

Nadia studied under renowned pedagogue Leonid Margarius who was a student of Regina Horowitz (Vladimir Horowitz’s sister). Conservatory trained, she completed her Master of Arts degree. Nadia has appeared numerous times with symphony orchestras. She surprises audiences with her musical style that is filled with grace and perfection. From the works of Horowitz, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and those of contemporary composers and pianists such as Yanni and Dan Gibson, Nadia has taken the best to create her own musical universe marked by a polyphony of sounds and a perfect mastery of the piano. 

In 2010 she released her album Heavenly and Earthly Piano. The production of this album actually grew out of the sounds of animals, weather, and eternal piano music. Heavenly and Earthly Piano presents original compositions along with the most inspired classical works. The nature sounds were combined with piano music, making this album honoring and uniting with Nature: 

...It is unable to resist the flow of emotions, which awakens in us a special musical world, created by Nadia. Her magical threads entangle our hearts and cause us to experience the most wonderful moments of our life again and again…



In 2010 Bandura founded Artcoaching Company, which included coaching both the artistic and the commercial worlds, the culture of tourism and European regulations, management of complex multi-cultural projects, and their staffs at international levels. She supervised a staff of 20 life coaches, recruited others to participate in bio-tourism meetings and events, posted material on the sustainable lifestyle, and advocated public awareness of issues.

Nadia Bandura is the Author of Artcoaching and Artcoaching Workbook: Created Life System in 12 Easy Monthly Steps.

Artcoaching by Nadia Bandura is based on the coaching of life through art. The Artcoaching methods will help you to create the destiny of your own life as an art.


Artcoaching is not a new method of self-improvement, but a fundamentally different way of thinking and acting to achieve the desired goals. Artcoaching is not coaching of artists or art-coaching. Artcoaching is a new developmental stage of life coaching.