Plan a Trip of Your Life

As llong as your thoughts are more or less going in the same direction you are on the same line of life. Once the relationship to reality changed from one direction to another, the parameters of mental radiation acquire new characteristics. And the material realization of your world moves to a different line. There are events of another journey according to the parameters of your thoughts. If the scenario does not suit you, you will struggle to make a difference. If meeting with obstacles, you react negatively, complaining or falling into despair, your mental radiation tuned to the most unsuitable line. The result is that life is heading somewhere near the inclined plane.

This process seems to be uncontrollable, but in fact, it is you, by your thoughts, who direct your travel in the areas of space options. Do you think that actions overcome obstacles? Actually, it turns out that you get what you choose. You choose the struggle with obstacles and get them in abundance. Problems are always present in your life if you are preoccupied with problems. Your actions are aimed at changing the situation in the current line of life. But the fact is that you cannot change the plan of travel in the space of options. You can only choose another one. Trying to change what you do not like in travel, you think about that what you do not like. Then your choice is successfully fulfilled. And you get what you want.

In this line of life, you cannot change anything. Similarly, being in a museum, you cannot remove or re-arrange the exhibition, which you don’t like. You are not the master. But no one forbids you to turn around and go to another room to look at what you like. Of course, the transition to the line of life where you have what you want is not just optional. Not all ideas are being implemented, not all desires are fulfilled. And it is not because of the content of thought, it is in their quality. It is not a choice if you have just a dream or desire to travel the trip of your life. Dreams do not come true. There are certain conditions of the trip into the reality of your dream which must be fulfilled.

In the space of creation, there are many lines of destiny for each person. We have been given the right to choose. Our only problem is that we do not know how to do it. The world manifests itself in all its diversity as if it were created for all tastes. You can find in this world all that your heart desires. Even in different areas of knowledge the world is turned upside down for us. For example, idealism declares that the world is an illusion, and the world agrees. Materialism says the opposite, and again the world has nothing against it. People are arguing with each other, forcing each other to change their relationship to the world, and the world shows that they are right.

It means that a man creates his own destiny, even if he doesn’t understand it.

In our time, it has no doubt that thoughts are material. Reality shows itself to us in two ways: on the one hand, being determines consciousness; on the other hand, there is evidence of the contradiction. Thoughts are not the only motivation for human actions, but also a direct impact on reality.

Life circumstances are formed not only by specific actions but also by the nature of human thoughts. If you are negative about the world, it will answer you in the same way. If you are constantly expressing your displeasure, the reasons for this will increase. If your relationship to reality is negative, then the world will turn to you its worst side. Conversely, a positive attitude is the most natural way to change your life for the better. A man gets what he chooses. That is the reality, whether you like it or not.

In other words, we take as a postulate that reality is an infinite variety of forms of expression. Despite the general nature of our postulate, you will see what interesting and unexpected knowledge it opens.

The conception of the life in Artcoaching is different from the well-known systems of coaching. What’s the difference? The fact is that you can choose your own happiness. Do not fight for it. Do not rush to take a model of happiness immediately or reject it. Just ask yourself the question: how much have you achieved in the fight against the world for your own happiness? Every man for himself decides to continue the struggle in the same vein or to try another way. Is it not easier to make the world itself meet you? After all, it only deals with your choice.

But the choice – it’s not a desire, but something else, as you will find out. Desires are fulfilled only in fairy tales. We have made the first step to solving the riddle.

* * *