"Once we have designed our own life, we must learn how to live it.“ Nadia Bandura

Make concrete plans and keep them flexible enough to be able to change them according to the situation. As the producer of your life, you can change, delete, or add anything you want to your project. But at least by going through this exercise of designing your life, you are in control of your circumstances, rather than allowing yourself to become a victim of them. Do not hesitate to change your path.

 In accordance with the principle of creativity, all you need to do is follow the easiest way.

1. Every time when you need to find a solution, ask yourself: how to live in the most efficient manner?

2. Every time when someone or something is trying to take you out of the way of your created life, do not rush to resist. Calm yourself and watch what happens.

3. Every time you need something to be done, ask yourself: which way is the easiest?

Turn yourself into the creator of your destiny.

In fact, what can be learned from this?

Our minds cannot always guarantee a solution. Now imagine that you do not resist the flow, but not randomly drifting like a paper boat. Move, finding harmony with the present, noticing dangerous areas that appear, and keeping the chosen direction. The wheel is in your hands. Of course, first, you must choose the correct general direction. The direction is determined by the chosen goal and the way to achieve it. Once a direction is chosen, it should be possible to avoid sudden unwanted movements.

And, whenever it is possible, consider life as an art.

A powerful intellect of the mind cannot decide anything if the solution already exists in the space of creativity. If you do not climb into the jungle of solutions and do not interfere with the flow of options, the decision will come by itself. For example, the creative process is based on several unproven postulates, because, in some cases, the object of the creation is a result of the artist’s imagination. Be in harmony with nature.

Nature does not waste energy. In other words, our mind is looking for sophisticated solutions to simple problems. People do not have time to explain this nature. Scientists are attempting to unite the various manifestations of reality, but it is hardly possible. Multiphase of our world is the world’s first fundamental quality.

All these arguments may seem too abstract. But you can practically see the existence of the power of creativity. This is truly a magnificent gift of life. In every issue, there are within it encrypted keys to its solution. The first key - move along the path of least resistance. People tend to look for complex solutions. Creating already contains the solutions to all problems. And most of the problems are artificially created for the same reason.


Whatever you do, leave space for creativity in your life!