I. Review your life




In the first month, I offer you the following exercises for designing your life:

Everything starts with your thinking.

The way you think determines your emotions. Your emotions determine your actions, and your actions determine your life.

The very first step toward creating the life you want is to become a blank slate. By doing this, you will open doors to new ideas and opportunities.

Think about the best you can bring to your life right now. That would be your strengths and values.

Describe your desired life for the year ahead. The idea is to set your imagination for the year based on your values. It works because when we orient our thinking around our desired images, things tend to fall into place more easily.

 You don’t have to know your goals. You only need to imagine your desired life.

Coach yourself Exercise 1

Clearing space:

Be present and creatively conscious of what’s next. All of this requires clearing out space.


Make a full-on clean sweep through your closets, office, ideas, projects, situations, and ways of what is and what is not evolving with your life right now.

If you want happiness, one way is to remove all of the negativity from your life. 

Happiness and negativity don’t co-exist at the same time.

Write down all negative influences in your life.


Remember you have ultimate control over your own happiness.


You have to remove yourself – as much as possible – from these negative influences. 

In some situations, distance is the only way to inoculate you from negativity. It helps if you start building a new circle of friends to avoid your old surroundings. 


Try to surround yourself with honest and successful people. Our environment creates our success. Spend more time with people you admire. Try to minimize negative interactions with negative and pessimistic people. Use every moment and every person to learn.