"Creativity is the single most important skill in the world for all business professionals today to master," LinkedIn says about in-demand job skills.


You have already achieved great things in life. And there are still so many big things you want to accomplish...

…You want to redefine your life and transform what’s “great” into something that’s truly phenomenal

…You want to have an impact on the world with your message and be a force for positive change.

…You want to experience incredible success and at the same time, double or even triple the amount of free time you have to relax and enjoy your family and friends.

... But your life is already so busy, you don’t know how to break out of the daily grind and find the time, energy, and resources to make your dreams a reality.


The fact is high achievers (in any field) who have creativity coaches always achieve more than those who don't. 


Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip to success, participating in some kind of creativity coaching program is at the top of their list.


Reconnect to your creativity with my 30 Days Creativity Course.


Course Syllabus


Week 1

In the first module, we focus on the basic principles of creativity and highlight their importance in tackling global challenges. Creativity is explored and applied at two different levels: unconscious and conscious creativity.

Throughout, we're aiming to provoke your thoughts and develop your creative mind through varied coaching tools.


Week 2

In this week, we will look at how we can augment our creativity using different methods of Artcoaching- a creative approach that aids the generation of ideas in solving a stated problem. We particularly focus on the application of Artcoaching tools

and techniques in your own context.


Week 3

This week you will become familiar with the Principles of Artcoaching and learn how

to apply them in various life scenarios, personal or professional situations, while 

inspiring related ideas. We will focus on the principles as well as the application of the

Artcoaching creativity tools both at the individual and group levels, allowing you to

develop competency and accelerate proficiency by the use of the techniques.


Week 4

Now that you have mastered a wide range of creativity tools and developed

competency in their application over a wide range of situations and domains, we will

wrap up by asking you to use these tools in combinations and apply them in

scenarios that are also related to your own life context. This will help you

reinforce the concepts that you have learned so far and enable you to use the creativity

tools freely in problem solving and idea generation.

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